in addition to its know-how, Translation Alami invested significantly in new communication technologies, supervised by Thami Alami, member of the European Association of Sworn Translators, sworn interpreter by the California Court in July 2007, sworn public translator by the state of Nürnberg Germany in January 2012, then sworn translator in Sweden by Medborgarskolan; Legal and official translations

we are a neutral and independent translation service, which means that we are not dependent on any government body.

Language combinations:

Arabic French

French Arabic

Arabic French

Dutch Arab

French Arabic German

French Swedish Arabic

Of all the languages into Arabic / French

APPROVED consulates: France, Belgium, Holland, England, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Danemark, Canada.

Areas: family, marriage certificates, diplomas and certificates, marriage and divorce judgments. …

Pharmacy, medicine, law, computer science, economics, literature and memoirs.

only by appointment the deposit and withdrawal of translations

Email: infoalami@gmail.com